Previous JUSTEC

Previous proceedings and resources are available at the following links.  If your organization/institution would like to use any of these resources, please inform the JUSTEC office via e-mail.  Permission will be granted with the condition that JUSTEC is recognized as the source. 

JUSTEC office:

JUSTEC 2018 hosted by Bukkyo University
JUSTEC 2017 hosted by University of Hawaii at Manoa
JUSTEC 2016 hosted by Ehime University
JUSTEC 2015 hosted by University of West Florida
JUSTEC 2014 hosted by Tokyo Gkugei University
JUSTEC 2013 hosted by University of Puget Sound
JUSTEC 2012 hosted by Naruto University of Education         Pacific Rim International Teacher Education Symposium
        "Quality Assurance and the Evaluation of Teaching and Teacher Education: International Perspectives"
JUSTEC 2011 hosted by University of Massachusetts Lowell
JUSTEC 2010 hosted by Tamagawa University
        Follow-up Information
JUSTEC 2009 hosted by University of Hawaii at Manoa